Heal dry skin with Vaseline Lotion with Vaseline Jelly

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly is that one multi-purpose product in our household, and I think everyone has a stash in their homes too. Back in high school, since even lip gloss are not allowed in school, we just used petroleum jelly on our lips. When I was in college, a friend shared her secret on having nice feet. She applies Vaseline Jelly on her feet and then putting on socks before going to sleep. The result, smooth and moisturized feet.

Those are just some of the wonders of Vaseline Jelly, I’m sure all of us have this one tried and tested use for it.

One thing that stands out about Vaseline Jelly is its ability to heal dry skin. It creates a sealing barrier that locks in moisture and protects the skin, supporting its natural recovery process.

vaseline lotion with vaseline jelly

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IG Giveway: Take the Maybelline White Super Fresh #UltimatteFaceOff Challenge

For someone with perennially oily skin, I’ve come to accept and live with it up until now. I just blot my face and do touch ups more than the average gifted girls. I’ve tried several brands but none of them can keep up with my overly active oil glands especially around the nose area.

So when our friends from Maybelline invited me to take the #UltimatteFaceOff Challenge where I will try their latest Maybelline White Super Fresh powder foundation against 3 other powder foundations, I said why not? I thought I’ve seen it all and no product can ever change my mind that all powder foundations are the same, that I still need to touch up once in a while to be able to have a matte face.

maybelline white super fresh powder

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Maybelline Creamy Matte Lipstick in Touch of Spice

I was at SM Mall of Asia yesterday and I passed by the beauty section, and ladies, you know what happened next. *wink* It’s a lippie swatch fest for me whenever I’m in the make-up section and I swatched the new Maybelline Creamy Matte Lipsticks. I said I won’t buy another lipstick until I finished a tube but this changed my mind.

maybelline creamy matte lipstick touch of spice

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Silky Rebond at Affascinante Salon

This is my third time to have my hair rebonded but my last rebond was 2010. Just thinking about the long hours I would sit inside the salon plus the 3 days of not-washing the hair are enough reason not to undergo one for 5 years. But then, my hair became so unruly and screams for a much needed TLC. I remembered Affascinante Salon which has positive reviews in Female Network’s Girltalk forum, I checked the forum again for new reviews and up until now, they still have a lot of positive feedback.

I set up an appointment thru their Facebook page and they told me to come at 11 am. The timing for my rebond was perfect during the APEC summit because I can stay at home for 4 days and not worry about going out with greasy hair.

I went all the way from Caloocan just to go to Vito Cruz, from Vito Cruz LRT station, go to the corner of Jollibee and ride a jeep and go down at Enrique St. Look for Royal  World Mansion, landmarks are BDO and Zonetech Bar and Grill. At the salon, there were 5 stations and 3 stations were already occupied and they already started with their rebonding and keratin treatments. I was the 4th one to have my rebonding treatment that day, it surely was a busy day at the salon and it pays to really have an appointment.

Ms. Weng, Affascinante Salon’s owner, attended to my needs and looked at my poor hair. I said I wanted a Silky Rebond because I saw it on their FB page, but then I asked her what’s the best treatment for my hair and she agreed that I have Silky Rebond. For my shoulder-length hair, she charged Php 3,200.

Let’s start the butt-numbing hair rebonding process. My hair was shampooed thoroughly by her assistant Christian. I liked how they handled my hair with care. They are very gentle and don’t rush with the towel drying. My Silky Rebond treatment officialy started at 11:30 am, and because I was bored, I was able to study how Snapchat (add me: badudets) works.  Watch the video of my Snapchat below:

I also asked Ms. Weng if I can have my hair colored right after my rebonding treatment since that’s what I used to before, para sabay-sabay na. I liked her hair color and wondered if it suits me, she just said, she’ll use their newest Framesi hair color. Hair color is Php 1,100 for my hair.

silky rebond affascinante salon

just finished with the rebonding/coloring

The rebonding and hair coloring process ended at around 7 pm, ang tagaaal! This is because my hair is so thick. Nabigla yata si Ms. Weng ng pag-charge ng 3,200, dapat mas mahal kasi naka-ilang balik sya para kumuha ng gamot for my rebond :p What’s good is that Ms. Weng gave me a haircuit free of charge plus her other assistant cleaned up my brows by threading.

affascinante salon review

at the salon after the hair rebonding/coloring

silky rebond affascinante salon

after I got home from the salon

Overall, I was really happy with the outcome. The result is not stick-straight like other results of hair rebonding. My hair’s color is Caramel Brown, she used Framesi, an Italian brand.

silky rebond affascinante salon review

Before & After

Now I can let my hair down everyday and not worry about bad hair days! It’s been 3 weeks since I got my hair rebonded and it still looks great. All the raves in Girltalk are true!

Affascinante Salon – Facebook page
Royal World Mansion Bldg.
Pablo Ocampo (formerly Vito Cruz) corner Enrique Street

Nature’s wonders in a bottle

Going natural and organic is the “in” thing these days from food, health supplements, and even personal care and beauty products. When talking about personal care products, that includes our feminine wash. Now, our trusted intimate care partner through the years, pH Care, bottled up nature’s wonders to ultimately care for our feminine area.

PH Cares Naturals unilab

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Flawless All-Natural Ultimate White Facial

My face has uneven skin tone, some parts on the side of my face are darker. Maybe it’s the way how I apply my skin care products. When I learned about All-Natural Ultimate White Facial from Flawless, I knew I just have to try it. I usually avail their Advanced Facials or the Cell Booster Infusion Mask, both are good so I’m sure the All-Natural Ultimate White Facial will be beneficial to my skin too, it’s not called “ultimate” for nothing.

Nanay and I went to Flawless SM San Lazaro branch. Before the facial procedure started, my therapist, Rachel, explained to me that since this is a natural facial, she will skip the pricking part since I have clear skin. I got a bit disappointed because I really like the pricking part and I find joy seeing all the dirt (whiteheads and blackheads) on my face removed.

flawless all natural white facial sm san lazaro

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