Tropical shower experience with Dial Coconut Water Soap and Body Wash

Have you seen the hashtag #ShoweredwithCoco that went viral on Twitter 2 months ago? It’s because of Coco. Sino ba si Coco? More like Ano ba si Coco? 

TGIF! And to start my day, I #showeredwithcoco! Hmmmm….

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I took the Matrix 8-inch Cut for Cancer Challenge

I made one kiddie cancer patient happy today because I took the 8-inch haircut for cancer challenge by Matrix Philippines. The hair donations will be used to make wigs for cancer patients of Kythe Ateneo Foundation. I’m really planning on changing my hairstyle before my birthday, and when I learned about the challenge, I just waited for it so that my hair can be put to good use.

matrix 8 inch cut for cancer challenge

One last look on my long hair

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Kojie San Kojic Acid and Dream White soaps – a review

I think my skin is getting immune on my current whitening soaps that’s why I need to switch brands. Here’s a story on why I discovered Kojie San Kojic Acid soap. I noticed that our helper’s skin lightened, she has been with us for just around 3 months. She’s from the province and her skin is not that fair. So I was surprised that her skin lightened, of course, I have to ask her what soap she uses. She said Kojie San Kojic Acid Soap. I then bought Kojie San soaps come the next day because it’s already proven effective by our helper, :p

Read more about the other whitening  soap I tried: Mestiza Skin Whitening Soap

Kojie San Dream White and Kojic Acid soaps

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Cell Booster Infusion Mask from Flawless

I make it a point to have a facial monthly, it’s my little indulgence. I’m not pimply, I’m just afraid of wrinkles, haha. I just want my face to be massaged for better circulation, and to slough off dead skin cells. I always have their Age Defying Advance Facial or the Whitening Advance Facial. Their Advance Facials cost Php 980, but their regular facials starts at Php 450, I think. The reason why I always opt for the Advance Facial is because of the mask applied, sort of a clay mask that is left on your face until it hardens. It’s very soothing to the skin.

Read about: Flawless All-Natural Ultimate White Facial

I went to Flawless SM North Edsa branch for that much needed R&R, my skin looks tired already. I told the staff of my chosen type of facial which is Whitening Advance Facial. The staff eagerly suggested that I should try the Cell Booster Infusion Mask, it’s originally priced at Php 1,400 but they have a promo this September, Cell Booster Infusion Mask will be Php 980. I was concerned about the mask that will be used of course, but the staff assured me that the Cell Booster mask is better. So I agreed.

After all the facial steps (cleansing, massage, steaming aaaan pricking), here comes the mask part.

Cell Booster Infusion Mask from Flawless

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Snoe Poudre Extraordinaire in Perfect Beige – a review

*Post from my then beauty blog, Health and Beauty Geek.

Remember my post about the things I love? Well, one of them is Snoe Poudre Extraordinaire in Perfect Beige. I bought this December last year and it’s still part of my beauty essentials till now.

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Tan skin in an instant

It’s summer here in the Philippines and almost everybody have been gone to the beach, and synonymous to that is having tan skin. Unless you piled up on lots of sunscreen, you can really tell a person if he/she is fresh from the beach. To some, they don’t enjoy going to the beach or they don’t like to bask in the sun but they want to have tan skin. Keep in mind that exposure to the sun can cause skin damage such as wrinkles, skin aging, and worst, skin cancer. So how to achieve that sun-kissed skin without the sun? Indoor tanning.

Indoor tanning uses indoor tanning lotions or oils and bronzers to achieve a darker skin shade. Indoor tanning lotions accelerate the tanning process by promoting the production of melanin, or by increasing blood flow to the skin, which increases the melanin on the top layers of the skin. One name to look up to when it comes to indoor tanning lotions is Designer Skin.

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Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Body Scrub – a review

I first encountered a Lulur-based product from Venus & Mars with their Lulur soap. Lulur is an ancient beauty secret originated from Central Java that’s said to effectively whiten skin and leaving it soft and smooth. Luckily, Lauren hosted a giveaway last year and I won this along with the Celeteque Facial Wash.

Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Body Scrub

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How to get rid of back acne or bacne

I’m blessed with clear skin even on my puberty days, on my face that is. But as the cliche goes, nobody’s perfect and so is my skin. I had back acne or bacne since high school days. Hence, wearing backless gowns during prom nights is a no-no for me because I’m too conscious with the pimple marks at my back. Years passed and I just carried on with wearing clothes hiding my back, even my swimsuits must be closed at the back part.

how to treat back acne/bacne

Few years ago, I tried several options on how to treat back acne or bacne. I read that scrubbing and exfoliating helps to remove dead skin cells and oil build-up at the back. Well, I always use a sponge lily or a loofah when I take a bath so exfoliating is really part of my regimen. I listed other things on how I tackled my bacne problem.

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Laser liposuction at Sono Bello

For the past years, undergoing liposuction seems to be unappealing to some women because of the discomfort, the kind of procedure, the unsatisfactory results and sometimes life-and-death situations. But thanks to technology and the liposuction procedures and techniques have improved. At Sono Bello, they have what they call as Laser Liposuction or Laser Assisted Body Sculpting. It’s different with the traditional liposuction because aside from fat removal, laser liposuction helps in contouring and sculpting your body shape. Laser also helps in skin tightening on the treated area.  If I can afford the laser liposuction cost, I would definitely give this a try to target a certain portion of my tummy which is my problem area for the longest time.

One treatment at Sono Bello that I also want to try is Vela Shape. Vela Shape helps in getting rid of those ugly cellulites in a non-surgical manner. Perfect for people like me who sits all day in the office hence the appearance of fat deposits on my thighs and hips.

If you live in the US, they have branches in 7 different states, you can also call them for free consultation and to inquire about more liposuction price. It is very important to consult a doctor first before undergoing any procedure, Sono Bello’s physicians are ready to help you out in achieving that sexy body you want.

My pixie crop hairstyle by Acqua Salon

I’m now sporting a pixie crop ala-Katie Holmes hairstyle after my second visit to Acqua Salon in Trinoma. I want a drastic change for my long rebonded hair that’s why I opted for a short haircut. Clueless of what are the hair trends for 2009, I just requested for a really short haircut that will suit my facial features to my assigned stylist, Ms. Laila. I don’t want a bob hairstyle anymore since it’s so 2008. After a lavish shampoo and scalp massage, Ms. Laila proceeds with my haircuit. And the result…

my pixie crop courtesy of Acqua Salon, Trinoma
my pixie crop courtesy of Acqua Salon, Trinoma

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