Not just your ordinary spa… it’s a Spa Movie Theater!

I was invited by Mr. Francis Simisim of Blue Water Day Spa to join the contest for a chance to win and experience the first Spa Movie Theater in the world! Yes, it’s the first in the world and you can be one of the few people to experience it by clicking the link to know more about the details.

Blue Water Day Spa is one of the famous spa haven in Metro Manila which offers excellent customer service and backed by their well-trained masseuse, I know because I had my massage at their Mother Ignacia Branch in Quezon City (oh and their ad with Piolo Pascual and Marian Rivera is so enticing!)

Piolo Pascual for Blue Water Day Spa

Marian Rivera for Blue Water Day Spa

I always go for a Swedish Massage to ease my shoulder pains, though I’d love to try other services. And to have my foot spa in the Spa Movie Theater at their Ortigas Branch makes me excited already!

Spa Movie Theater – first in world!

Come to think of it, having a foot spa can be such a bore especially when you’re all by yourself. You can bury yourself in magazines or better yet, bring along a friend to save you from a relaxing slumber while waiting for your foot spa session to finish. With the Spa Movie Theatre, it’s taking relaxation at the next level! You get to watch your favorite Blu-Ray movies, play PS3, sing your hearts out in videoke while making your feet happy.

One perfect plan is to take your family with the kids in the Spa Movie Theatre and have a Spa Party, you can invite maximum of 28 people from your family/clan, it’s like having a family get-together on a Sunday! Moms and Dads will have their Foot Spa treatment and enjoying chit-chats while the kids will watch their favorite cartoon/kiddie movie. It’s also a great bonding moment with your girlfriends, high school reunions and bridal showers can also be held here.

With the hustle and bustle around the city and the demands from our everyday chores, it’s perfectly okay to do something good to our body, take a long hot shower, have a massage, sip a warm cup of tea and watch a movie.

Blue Water Day Spa Ortigas Branch
2nd Floor BPI Greentop Condominium,
Ortigas Avenue, San Juan, Metro Manila

They also have branches at Greenhills, Alabang, Makati and Mother Ignacia and Capitol Hills, Quezon City.

A haircut and threading experience at Acqua Salon, Trinoma

It’s payday and peeps in the office decided to hit the mall and unwind at Giligan’s. While my husband and other officemates are having their fill at Giligan’s, I decided to have some “me”-time and went to the salon instead. It’s been a while since I had my haircut and my hair had grown long just above my waist. I always go to Bench Fix for my haircut but I decided to give a new salon a try, Acqua Salon looks promising based on the reviews from other forums and blogs.

Acqua Salon, Trinoma (photo credits to Shopcrazy)
Acqua Salon, Trinoma (photo credits to Shopcrazy)

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Beauty find: Smashbox O-Glow Intuitive Cheek Color

As I’ve said before, I’m a powder, cheek tint and lipgloss/lipstick person. I can do without the foundation, eyeshadow, mascara stuff. I’ve been using locally made cheek tint for years and it’s great! But I thought of rewarding myself a bit and bought the Smashbox O-Glow. It had great reviews for years now and still a bestseller of Smashbox.

It arrived in the mail and yesterday and I immediately used it. The liquid goes on clear and turns pink when applied to your skin. When blending, it feels creamy to the skin so application is a breeze. It reacts with the skin’s personal chemistry that’s why it will turn into your skin’s natural color when you “blush”. With this clear gel, it suits all skin shades and gives a unique color on different skin types. If you have the moolah and want to splurge, go ahead and buy this, it sure is worth your money!

Now, I gotta save for Smashbox O-Gloss for now, the lip gloss counterpart but the same concept as O-Glow.

Want to get FREE Olay Total Effects sample?

I just claimed my 7g Olay Total Effects sample from Watsons last week and a Php 100 voucher that you can use on your next purchase of Olay Total Effects. The sample will last you for a week, enough for you to notice the effects on your skin. If you want to get your free sample, just register here and wait for the text message confirmation to be sent to your mobile phone. You will present this text message to an Olay representative at your chosen Watsons branch.

Chocolate Ganache for your lips

While I was surfing over at Multiply, I found this site selling different lip balms and other beauty products. But one product caught my fancy, it’s the Ganache for Lips. Sounds intriguing, huh? SO I searched it over at Google and found their site: Ganache for Lips. It’s an all-natural lip balm and doesn’t use the usual inexpensive petroleum products nor those artificial flavors and colors. It uses highest quality all-natural and unrefined ingredients from botanical sources.

Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate-Mint, and Chocolate Raspberry: $4.00 each

Enough of the geeky part, chocolate lovers like me will definitely enjoy swiping this mini-treat because it contains real Scharffen Berger Chocolate. I’m not familiar with the chocolate brand, but heck, it still is CHOCOLATE!!

I already emailed one of the online retailers in the US because the Multiply seller is selling it for a steep price. I’m hoping that it would be cheaper if I buy this online in the US and hopefully will not get lost in the mail.

Is mineral makeup right for you?

Mineral makeup (MMU) is becoming a trend nowadays because it promises benefits for your skin aside from it being natural. I tried it a couple of times, some of my MMU are bought online and some are freebies from online sellers. I usually apply MMU when I’m at home, haha. But I’m a loose powder, cheek tint and lipstick person only, period. I found this quiz from and the result says that I can live without Mineral makeup. Here’s my result:

Mineral makeup might not be your cup of tea for a variety of reasons. True minerals are often formulated without binding agents so if you associate the words “loose pigment” with “my own personal hell,” mineral makeup will definitely annoy you. And like conventional makeup,” reflective materials such as mica, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide give sparkle to mineral makeup,” says Dallas-based dermatologist Dr. Erin M. Welch. So if you’d rather look matte than have a subtle sheen, minerals might not be for you. Also, your normal skin type doesn’t necessarily need special treatment (as in, you don’t have to avoid preservatives found in regular makeup), so no need to switch to minerals. And above all, true mineral makeup can be expensive, which may not fit the budgets of most women who land in this category — so spend your money elsewhere.

Take this quiz too: Is mineral makeup right for you?

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