Top tourist attractions in Hong Kong

Aside from Disneyland, Hong Kong has plenty of tourist attractions to keep you on your toes all day long. These tourist attractions are accessible because of Hong Kong’s very efficient transportation system. You don’t need to join a group tour, just grab maps and brochures at the airport and follow the instructions on how to go there.

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Cheap accommodations in Hong Kong

After posting my entry on Hong Kong Disneyland, I received some inquiries asking where we stayed and some itineraries for their Hong Kong vacation. So before I unravel more Hong Kong-Macau escapades, I’ll share you some cheap Hong Kong hotels, Hong Kong hostels and guesthouses that are suited for your budget.

I did my homework months before our HK trip that’s why I was able to narrow down my choices to 3 accommodations, and then finally decided to stay at HK Taisan Guesthouse to save on money of accommodation and more for shopping and food trips.

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Hong Kong Disneyland – Day 1

On our day 1 of our Hong Kong-Macau vacation, we headed to Hong Kong Disneyland despite the jetlag and lacking hours of sleep. We arrived in Hong Kong at 7:40 AM, went straight to our guesthouse in Tsim Sha Tsui via the Airport Bus and grabbed our breakfast at Yoshinoya.

Disneyland Fireworks

Disneyland fireworks

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Enjoy up to 70% Off on Skechers, Ecko Unltd., Merrell, Pony and No Fear on May 4-8 at Tektite!

I’m back! Before posting my Hongkong-Macau travel adventures, I’ll share this sale flyer I got from my inbox. As if shopping in Hongkong for me is not enough…

How to activate international roaming for Smart and Globe prepaid subscribers

I’m ready for my flight in Hongkong! Itinerary (check), traveling essentials (check), cameras and batteries (check), PLENTY of alcohol (check, a must especially with the swine flu scare). Part of my to-do-list is activate international roaming of my Globe and Prepaid sim cards so that I won’t miss important messages while I’m away.

How to activate Globe international roaming (activation is free of charge):

Text GROAM ON <startdate mm/dd/yyyy> and send to 2884

Example:  GROAM ON 06/01/2008

How to make calls while roaming:

Dial *131* + country code + area code (or operator code) + phone number + # sign.
e.g. *131*6327301000# if landline or *131*639178000000# if mobile and press SEND.

How to send text messages while roaming (Php 25 per SMS sent):

Use the International Number format when sending a message to someone: “+” + country code + mobile access number + mobile number.

Example: +639xxxxxxxxxx, and press SEND

How to reload your Globe sim card while roaming:

Dial *123*(Prepaid Call Card Number and PIN)# and press send. There is no space between the Prepaid Call Card Number and PIN. Press SEND.

Example: *123*0394466245495296# press SEND.

A message will flash on your phone – “Please wait while we process your request.” If reloading is successful, you will get a message via SMS “Your top-up is successful. Your new balance is now Peso xxxx.xx”

Customer Service Hotline when roaming:

Call the 24 hour Globe roaming support hotline at *131*6327301212# then press “CALL”. Corresponding charges apply for the call if you use your Globe handyphone.

How to activate Smart international roaming (minimum balance of Php 100 is required to activate roaming):

Text ROAM ON and send to 333

How to make calls while roaming:

Enter the number you wish to call following the format:

+ Country code Mobile code Mobile number (Example: + 63 919 1234567)

Press Send.

Wait for the confirmation message: “Pls. wait, we are connecting your call… Pls. answer when the phone rings.”

Wait for your phone to ring (do not use your phone while waiting for the call back service). Answer the call. You will hear a ringing tone at the end of the line. Wait for the destination number to pick up.

How to send text messages while roaming:

Use the International Number format when sending a message to someone: “+” + country code + mobile access number + mobile number.

Example: +639xxxxxxxxxx, and press SEND

How to check your Smart load balance while roaming:

Type “?1515” and send to 214.

How to reload your Smart sim card while roaming:

Text RELOAD <14-digit Card PIN> and send to 1510

Go Brazilian!

Brazilian waxing
Brazilian waxing

Ouch! This maybe the first impression when Brazilian waxing comes to mind that’s why most women resort to shaving or trimming. Aside from that, going to a waxing salon and undergo Brazilian waxing, baring it all with a complete stranger is the most embarassing and most uncomfortable thing to do. My adventurous side led me to try Strip It cold wax I found in Multiply. It is a ready-to-use hair removal cold wax made out of sugar and honey, hence the new term “sugaring”or Persian waxing. When sugaring, I don’t have to go to a waxing salon because I can do it right in the comforts and privacy of my own room. The Strip It cold wax comes with complete instructions on waxing manual, a wooden spatula and reusable cloth strips, all you need is a little courage and you’re all set.

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