How to activate international roaming for Smart and Globe prepaid subscribers

I’m ready for my flight in Hongkong! Itinerary (check), traveling essentials (check), cameras and batteries (check), PLENTY of alcohol (check, a must especially with the swine flu scare). Part of my to-do-list is activate international roaming of my Globe and Prepaid sim cards so that I won’t miss important messages while I’m away.

How to activate Globe international roaming (activation is free of charge):

Text GROAM ON <startdate mm/dd/yyyy> and send to 2884

Example:  GROAM ON 06/01/2008

How to make calls while roaming:

Dial *131* + country code + area code (or operator code) + phone number + # sign.
e.g. *131*6327301000# if landline or *131*639178000000# if mobile and press SEND.

How to send text messages while roaming (Php 25 per SMS sent):

Use the International Number format when sending a message to someone: “+” + country code + mobile access number + mobile number.

Example: +639xxxxxxxxxx, and press SEND

How to reload your Globe sim card while roaming:

Dial *123*(Prepaid Call Card Number and PIN)# and press send. There is no space between the Prepaid Call Card Number and PIN. Press SEND.

Example: *123*0394466245495296# press SEND.

A message will flash on your phone – “Please wait while we process your request.” If reloading is successful, you will get a message via SMS “Your top-up is successful. Your new balance is now Peso xxxx.xx”

Customer Service Hotline when roaming:

Call the 24 hour Globe roaming support hotline at *131*6327301212# then press “CALL”. Corresponding charges apply for the call if you use your Globe handyphone.

How to activate Smart international roaming (minimum balance of Php 100 is required to activate roaming):

Text ROAM ON and send to 333

How to make calls while roaming:

Enter the number you wish to call following the format:

+ Country code Mobile code Mobile number (Example: + 63 919 1234567)

Press Send.

Wait for the confirmation message: “Pls. wait, we are connecting your call… Pls. answer when the phone rings.”

Wait for your phone to ring (do not use your phone while waiting for the call back service). Answer the call. You will hear a ringing tone at the end of the line. Wait for the destination number to pick up.

How to send text messages while roaming:

Use the International Number format when sending a message to someone: “+” + country code + mobile access number + mobile number.

Example: +639xxxxxxxxxx, and press SEND

How to check your Smart load balance while roaming:

Type “?1515″ and send to 214.

How to reload your Smart sim card while roaming:

Text RELOAD <14-digit Card PIN> and send to 1510

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  1. haynaku, i tried activating my roaming via text before i left for holiday, and it always sent me an error instead. i had to call up customer services to have them manually activate it and i had to call them again when i got back to deactivate it also. this is with globe ha. so make sure that it’s activated before you leave.

  2. tama, dapat talaga nakaroaming para connected 24-ever.hehe.halata bang globe ako? uy, have a safe and fun trip to HK! :)

    edelweiza’s last blog post..Keeping my Fingers Crossed for Manny Pacquiao’s Victory

  3. Bon voyage!!:) Your post seems really helpful. In addition to the info you provided, I think all Globe post-paid subscribers have auto-roaming on by default, so they don’t have to take these steps when going out of the country.:)

    Soapaholic’s last blog post..Let yourself be pampered at Shangri-La Mactan

  4. thanks po sa pagpost. really helpful for me :)

  5. Francis Velasco says:

    How can I ACTIVATE ROAMING OUTSIDE PHILIPPINES? I forgot to activate my Smart Prepaid while in the Philippines. I’m in California NOW.

    Thank you.


  7. i got a roaming simcard from this one website here in the states.but i cant send any text messages.i can recieve but cannot send.i changed phone and bought a new sim card but its still the same.hope somebody can help me.

  8. is it possible to activate your smart roaming if you’re outside of the philippines already??? how?? thanks…

    • Yes .
      Just go to > Register > Manage Account > Services > International Roaming > You will be asked how the activation will be processed since you out of the country select the option CCID (it is located at the back of your simcard the 16#)

      After that . Everythings Done , It usually takes 25 minutes for the processing .
      Make sure you are loaded atleast 100php

      • hi po sa inyong lahat! ako po c cynthia.gus2 ko po itry ung roaming kaso wala po akong load, nand2 na po ako sa USA ngaun at nakikiusap ako sa asawa ko na loadan nia ako kahit 100 lang para gumana ung cp ko wala po kcng signal eh gus2 ko lang po sana itanong kung papaloadan po ako ng asawa ko sa pinas ano pong number ang ibibigay nia sa nag loload para matangap ko po ung load wala po kc akong credit card eh kaya mahirap po sakin ung online na bayaran

    • enahj where i can type my CCID?tanx

  9. Paano po ba ako makatawag sa nka roaming na number? Please help…and how much does it cost?

  10. Hi. Pede ba ako tumawag sa smart roaming number ng friend ko? Andito ako sa Pinas at siya ay nasa Saudi. Pede ko ba sya matawagan gamit ang Globe number ko?

  11. i forgot to roam on my smart simcard before i left in the phils. please help me.thank you

  12. love-love says:

    hi, my bf is a seafarer in miami.his phone is roaming and hsi status in YM is “i’m mobile” i text him thru YM and he replies thru YM too. how much is the charge? is it still 2.50 or 25 pesos? please help me…

  13. hi, i have a friend in other country she using smart so naka roaming sya pwede you ba ako tulungan paano ko sya matawagan kahit naka roaming sya, thru hes cellphosmart number?thanks

    • rhea-totzski says:

      hindi mo siya matatawagan, mag riring lang pero hindi yun na coconnect.
      pero pwede ka nyang tawagan gamit yung smart number niya na naka roaming.

  14. I am subscribed in Globe but I’m calling a roamed Smart cellphone number… how do i get in touch… any prefix needed? Or vise versa… how can that Smart roaming number call me back here in the Philippines? Thank you.

  15. Damn Smart .. . . i went to their Office or Watever they call it And GAve Me instructions . . . the same as The one Posted Here . . it Sed Dat it’l take a while or a minute to activate the sim . . . And Hanggng NGaun it still isnt . . .
    Dude A Lot of GirLs are Waiting for my txt Back Home . . . Hit Me Up if U got Sum other Solution/s For this . . Tnx . . . LAter

  16. purisima palmer says:

    hi,,, i forgot to activate my smart roaming sim card when i left in the phil…how to activate here in usa..pls help me,,,tnx

    • What’s your load balance? You need at least P100.

      Try “Webconnect” at the Smart website –

      – Register your cell number
      – Once registered, click Services->International Roaming->Activate this service.

      If you don’t have >= P100, maybe you can contact Smart thru Webconnect->Inquiries->Aftersales Request Form

      • hi, nag Try ako sa Webconnect in 25mins dw activate na ang sim ko pero ilang oras na ang nakakalipas still searching parin ung balance ko naman 400+.

        GodBless =)

  17. For SMART this is to inform your company b4 i left in the Phil.. I have a load of P500 for roaming but i arrived in the US my roaming is not working cause no web connection…

  18. Hello,
    Before I left Phils. I bought a Globe roaming sim card, but since I don’t have a phone in the Phils. I did not be able to activate it, now I’m in US and I have a phone now and I would like to activate my Globe roaming sim card so I can communicate with my family back in the Phils. Pleas help. thank you and I’m looking forward on using my Globe roaming sim card.GOD bless.

  19. sunriser says:

    my sis texted me para i-on yong roaming number niya sa smart.paano ba?pls help

  20. just use spiderweb text instead.just search it in the google me and my husband who is in the US has been using it for a year now. u dont have to have a separate phone/sim and you and your loveones in the philippines will be charged just regular rate> it works only for text not call and only USA_PHIlippines.

  21. can i let my sister buy a sim card for me because im here abroad and my smart sim card suddenly is invalid. can they activate it before they mail it ?

  22. mag punta kau sa smart website,andun ang lahat ng katanungan nyo, D:

  23. Hello,,My Dad forgot to activate his roaming 24 hours before his flight. I think he tried to activate it before leaving. He is in Saudi now, but his Globe Roaming is still not activated. please help me

  24. hello po. tanung ku lng po kse ung dad ku nsa china at may dala syang cp na may smart sim kasu d na roaming edi sempre hanap aku ng solusyon e sa smart online roam need ung 16 numbers ata yun na nasa likod ng sim sempre d ku alam at wlang means of comunication sa dad pra matanung ku yun. may solusyon pu ba e2? o yuyugyugin ku na ang smart corp pra sa 16 numbers n yun? any sugestion is appreciated. thx in advance

  25. al garcia says:

    how to have an network access in my smart roaming here in qatar

  26. hello..
    nangyari din sa akin to.. I forgot to activate my smart buddy roaming sim before i left..

    this is the solution i did

    call somebody in the philippines and let them call smart customer service *888 yata sa celphone nila..

    then give them ur smart mobile number and the 16digit number on the sim card..

    then ask them to activate international roaminG


    • Clarise Heartz Cballa says:

      akala ko ba ang digits ng smart buddy is 14 tsaka ganyan din natawag ko na rin yang *888 tapos sabi ur call no. is 888
      daya ng nila ung mga smart na nagtetxt ng club b inbit nangyari na ba sau yun

  27. How much ang cost ng txt sa smart na naka roaming using a globe sim dito sa pinas

  28. Suuuuuuuuupppppeeeeeeeeerrrrr thanks sa info! 😀

  29. Hi this is leo from TX gusto ko lang sana magtanong about sa sim roaming ng smart because you have two choice if you want roaming talk or text pero ang available lang na rates is for roaming text what about sa roaming call or voice call??? thanks God Bless

  30. hi.. pls help me.. nawlan ng signal ang roaming ko. pwede pa bang e pa roam on uli.. how? plsss..

  31. hi pa help naman never pa ko nakapag pa roaming nand2 ako sa USA ngaun at gus2 ko ipa roaming ung cell ko kaya lang no signal pwede niyo ba ko tulungan please.

  32. Hi,
    Globe prepaid ang sim ko , i left Phils yesterday 29 Nov and forgot to roam my sim card.

    paano ba mag pa intl roaming kung andito na sa Australia

    thanks sa tulong


  33. sino n po nakaranas ng d makarecieve ang smart roAming? ano po gnwa nyo pr bumalik xa? kakaload ko lng 1mos aq tas ngaun lng d n xa makarecieve pero my signal nmn po xa.. please help me. tnx

  34. how can i activate my roaming number in my globe?? im hir in dubai hindi kase naactivate ung number ko nung nakarating na ko dto can you pls send your feedback in my account need it badly :'(

  35. Can’t activate roaming, no CCID too as I cut my Sim to fit my iPhone 5. What else can I do to activate my roaming ?

  36. one months q p lng naga2mit un smart roaming q bakit nagdeactiv agad? d sya mapasahan ng load :(( pki activ naman ng roaming q please 09982068847

  37. wala talaga ang smart, andito akosa japan nakalimutan ko mag roaming pinas, tapos nagpa register ako sa site nila, nag pa activate ako sa roaming, sa awa nman hanggan ngayun ala parin, request is being procces parin,, mag xpire na load ko,, smart talaga hindi maasahan,, :-(
    meron po ba makakatulong sa akin,, salamatg po in advance.


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