Celebrate your #SarapNgSuccess story with Coco Martin and Max’s Restaurant

Have you seen the latest commercial of Max’s Restaurant featuring Coco Martin? When I first saw it, I was surprised to know that Coco Martin was a former waiter at Max’s Restaurant. Now, look at where he is, an award-winning actor in the country today. That’s why choosing him to be in the Max’s commercial is very apt and I’m sure a lot of us will be inspired with his #SarapNgSuccess story.

I believe everyone has a success story, everyday, there is something to be thankful for in our lives. Surviving our 8-hour jobs is a success story. Moreso, surviving the chaos in the MRT/LRT during rush hours is another success story :p. Always end your day with positivity. That’s why Max’s wants you to share your own success story with the hashtag #SarapNgSuccess.

My #SarapNgSuccess story

Since I gave birth 3 years ago, I noticed that I keep on gaining weight. I often use the excuse that I’m still breastfeeding that’s why I can’t go on a diet. Or that I don’t have time to exercise because I have to take care of Gwen. But this year, I finally decided to stop being a couch potato and start living a healthy and active lifestyle. I went back to the gym, do Circuit exercises and CrossFit.

I watch what I eat now, drink more water and less Coke and iced tea. I try to eat everything in moderation, I still love sweets like chocolates and cakes. My trick: I just think how many calories are in that chocolate bar and how many minutes I will spend in the treadmill just to rid of that calories, that way I’ll feel guilty if I finish that bar.

I still don’t think I’m back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but one thing’s for sure, I’m healthier, stronger and fitter now. I finished a 10-miler (16 km) run last March and I’m preparing for my first half-marathon on June.

Crossing the finish line is a #SarapNgSuccess story on its own.

Just like Coco Martin and me, you too can share your own success story at the Max’s Restaurant Facebook Page.

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