Dedicated LBC Agents Embodies Aming Ligaya to Thankful Customers in Meet-Ups

When it comes to sending money, documents and packages, LBC Express is one of the most reliable out there. They have the most professional, accommodating, and knowledgeable agents. They can assist you which boxes or pouches you can use so that you can save on costs. I’m not the only one who is happy with their service, there’s more! And it’s twice as fun coz they got to meet their suking LBC agents.

Recently LBC Express, through its Customer Care Team, organized a meet-up between customers and LBC agents who have made their transactions both rewarding and unforgettable.

Glorina LBC and Aristotle

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HOOQ joins Spider-Man Homecoming World Premiere

HOOQ, the largest video-on-demand service in Southeast Asia recently brought Filipino social media superstars Donnalyn Bartolome and Wil Dasovich to the world premiere of Spider-Man Homecoming last June 28, 2017 at the TCL Chinese Theaters in Hollywood, U.S.A. for a once in a lifetime experience.

Alodia Gosiengfiao; Wil Dasovich; Donnalyn Bartolome; Sheila Paul - HOOQ Head of Marketing; Jako de Leon

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Get Your Dream European Vacation with RSB’s Save Up and Fly Promo

Filipinos wishing to visit Europe will now have a chance to make their travel dreams come true with the new “Save Up and Fly” promo from RCBC Savings Bank (RSB).

For many Filipinos, Europe is the last travel frontier. Blessed with colder weather, grand castles and palaces,  sophisticated art and culture scene, not to mention its cool party capitals, Europe is definitely a good place to be.

Save Up and Fly_Artwork

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Beko PH launches innovative appliances suited for everyday challenges

Beko Philippines, one of the largest home appliance brands in Europe, recently announced the launch of its innovative products suited to the culture and lifestyle of Filipinos.
BEKO Appliances

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Landers Superstore to open in Pasig and Alabang

Inspired by the increase in spending power of Filipinos and the year on year growth in retail, Landers Superstore, the country’s fastest growing membership shopping establishment, recently announced its plans to expand to the southern and eastern part of Metro Manila.

Landers superstore

Southeast Asia Retail Inc. chairman Lowell Yu (right) and Megaworld Corporation senior vice president Kevin Tan (left) during the recent announcement of the alliance between Landers Superstore and Megaworld Corporation.

Backed by thorough research and the success of the first two superstores, Landers Superstore is poised to take advantage of the rapid developments in Pasig and Muntinlupa Cities.

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LBC Moves It for OFWs in Southeast Asia

LBC is pleased to announce the newest and cost-effective offers for OFWs in Singapore, Hong Kong and, Guam in sending their packages to their loved ones back home.

LBC box

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A Sweet Thank You and Congratulations with Villa del Conte Gift Boxes

Domo Arigato. Danke. Merci. Salamat. Gracias. Grazie. Thank you. There are many ways to say thanks and one of them is to hand them these Villa del Conte Thank You Chocolate Box.

villa del conte thank you box

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A Healthier Fizz from Del Monte Fizzy Juice Drink

I love my soda, I’m guilty and not proud of it. Even when I was on my fitness journey and I was going to gym regularly, my guilty pleasure is I still drink soda. I just love the fizz that carbonated drinks give.

But now, I’m happy to have a found a healthier alternative!

del monte fizzy juice drink

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Sponsored Video: Celebrate Togetherness this Christmas with Lady’s Choice

Growing up, I am used to spending Christmas in a simple way. My father is a seafarer and most of the time, we were spending Christmas without him. Most of my family’s relatives are in Aklan and since we are just a small family, our Christmas is just a simple celebration. My mother, brother, and I will usually hear Mass in the morning and then eat in a restaurant. When we go home, we will wait for visitors or relatives to drop by. Nanay will just cook a simple meal so that visitors will have something to eat like spaghetti, ham sandwich, and macaroni salad.

When Jeff and I got married, I got to spend Christmas at my in-laws. They have a big family and there are kids everywhere. It’s a big contrast to what I was accustomed to but I was happy nonetheless. This photo was taken last year and they’re not even complete.

ladys choice thankutogether

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Zebra Print Cowhide Rugs – Add Some Exotic Style & Luxury To Your Home

Natural animal hides have velvety soft fibers. All animal skin rugs have a unique pattern. If you purchase more than one rug, you will always receive a unique product. The rugs have a natural sheen. Synthetic rugs are sprayed with several chemicals, and the artificial sheen will usually fade after a few months. An animal skin rug can give any room an entirely new look. The aesthetic beauty can give any room a warm atmosphere.

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